About Us


Welcome to Adventure Sunday! We are Caitlin and Nathan, two singers from opposite ends of the east coast.

About Us

Nathan was born and raised in Franklin, New Hampshire. He loves cars and sports, like any good man should. He also likes singing (he’s a tenor) and dancing up a storm. He majored in music, but has been working most recently as a Specialist at Apple. His dream job is working on cars (mostly aftermarket part installation) or singing.

Caitlin was born and raised in Tallahassee, FL. She loves animals and can name pretty much any dog breed she sees. She also likes singing (technically she’s a soprano, but she can belt some too,) mostly a cappella and musical theatre. She also majored in music, but has been working most recently as a Receptionist at MiniLuxe. Her dream job is singing and/or acting, but she wouldn’t mind being a zookeeper.

About the Journey

It started as (somewhat of) a joke when Nate suggested “let’s just move to Hawaii!” Over a couple months, it became less of a joke and more of a suggestion and finally, they just decided to do it! The road trip part came from the fact that they wanted to visit family and friends before leaving, and both wanted to see various parts of the U.S. neither of them had been to before (particularly Niagara Falls and the national parks out West.)

About the Name

When they first started dating, Caitlin was working Saturdays at MiniLuxe, so the only day she and Nate had to spend together was Sunday. They decided to make the most of their weekend and plan (or have impromptu) adventures on Sundays. Whether it was a trip to the museum or a drive off into the New England countryside, there was always good food (ice cream taste testing and  Nate’s first lobster) and good times (Museum of Science and bad horror movies.) Hence, Adventure Sunday was born!

About the Car

Nathan (sadly) sold his 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse and they bought a Yellow 2000 Nissan Xterra XE with black flame decals. The car has been nothing but trouble since they bought her in New Jersey, the most ridiculous bit being when they had to buy a new engine after the original one seized. But she’s running great now and despite all the trials and tribulations, Nate and Caitlin feel an even deeper bond than before. Come hell or high water, this car is going to Hawaii!!


Our Favorite Songs


1. The Luckiest (Ben Folds)

2. Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis (Holst)

3. Decode (Paramore)


1. Either Way (Guster)

2. The Luckiest (Ben Folds)

3. Don’t Stop Believin (Journey)